Ambassador Jens Lütkenherm

22.11.2017 - Article

Curriculum Vitae
Jens Peter Lütkenherm

Born March 29, 1961
Married, 3 children

1987    M.A. History, Political science and German studies at the University of Heidelberg
1988    Enter Federal Foreign Office
1988 – 1990    Diplomatic Academy, Bonn
1990 – 1991    Federal Ministry of Defense, Bonn, Disarmament and Arms Control Division
1991 – 1994    Consulate General in San Francisco, USA, First Secretary
1995 – 1996    German Federal Parliament (Bundestag), Bonn
1997    Foreign Office, Bonn, Arms Export Control Division
1998 – 2002    German Representative Office, Ramallah, Deputy Head of Mission
2002 – 2003    Foreign Office, Berlin, Political directorate, North America division
2003 – 2007    Foreign Office, Berlin, European directorate, Deputy Head of Division for Northern EU countries
2007    Foreign Office, Berlin, Middle East department, Middle East Peace Process Division
2007 – 2010    German Embassy in Warsaw, Poland, First Counsellor, Head of Cultural and Educational Department
2010 - 2012    Foreign Office, Berlin, Protocol Directorate, Head of International Conferences Division
2012 - 2014    Foreign Office, Berlin, Disarmament and Arms Control Directorate, Head of Conventional Arms Control in Europe Division
2014 - 2017    German Embassy in Santiago de Chile, First Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission
2017 -    German Embassy in Vientiane, Laos, Ambassador


Dear readers,

The German Embassy in Lao P.D.R. is committed to contribute to the development of fruitful relations between our countries and their residents. Laos, located in the heart of South East Asia, has a rich cultural heritage, a hospitable population and valuable natural resources. Laos plans to graduate from the status of a least developed country (as defined by the United Nations) by 2020. In this endeavor, Laos can count on Germany – its second largest international donor – as a reliable and trustworthy partner. With our cooperation our countries can contribute to building peace and to improving welfare among the nations.

Until today the people of Laos have been suffering from the consequences of war and destruction they suffered in their younger history. As a small country with powerful neighbours,  Laos has a particular interest in good and fruitful relations with the countries of the region. A responsible use of its own natural resources and the membership in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) play a vital role in this respect.

The integration in the regional structures brings about new perspectives for the economic relations of Laos. Germany is particularly interested in this process, also due to its own good experience with the European integration. In the wake of legal and administrative reforms, and with more and more international engagement the economic environment in Laos is becoming increasingly interesting for German business. I would be pleased if young Lao citizens who show an interest in Germany take advantage of our educational offerings  and profit from the economic cooperation of our two countries.

Every year, about 30.000 visitors from Germany enjoy the beauty, hospitality and treasures of this country. I wish all Germans, visiting Laos or working here, an interesting and successful stay. The German embassy team stands ready to assist all German and Lao partners in developing their contacts.

Vientiane, August 2017

Jens Lütkenherm

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