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Application process

Applications for German Schengen visas or Schengen visas for the countries the German Embassy represents according to bilateral Schengen representation agreements (Austria, Finland, Greece (please contact the Greek Embassy in Hanoi first), Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Spain) have to be submitted at the

VFS Global Visa Application Centre located at Watnak Quartier, Thadeua Road, Watnak Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane (opposite to the Lao German Technical College).

Visa applicants schedule an appointment well in advance with VFS Global for submitting their visa application and for undergoing the biometric procedure. Appointments can be scheduled through the website of VFS Global

On the VFS Global website you will also find the electronic application form as well as checklists on the relevant supporting documents you need to submit:


The further processing and decision-making will still be handled by the Embassy. The usual processing time at the Embassy for Schengen visa applications is up to five working days.

At the end of the process the passports will be handed out to the applicants by VFS Global. VFS Global will charge a handling fee of 34,13 EUR (in Lao currency) per visa application, but also offers additional services against a service charge.

Please note that due to travel season between April and September delays in waiting times for visa appointments may occur. Therefore, travelers should arrange for an appointment to apply for a Schengen visa minimum 4 to 6 weeks prior to the intended departure date. Special appointments cannot be given for private and tourist travel purposes.

Applications for German National visas:

Applicants who wish to apply for a German national long term visa can submit their application directly at the German Embassy after booking an appointment here:
Appointment National Visa

National visas cannot be issued on behalf of other coutries.

General Visa information

Depending on the purpose and duration of your stay in Germany you can either apply for a short-term “Schengen visa” or for a long-term “German national visa” for stays over 90 days.

The German Embassy in Vientiane also currently issues Schengen visa in representation of the following Schengen Partners:

Austria, Finland, Greece (please contact the Greek Embassy in Hanoi first), Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Spain

Due to the introduction of VIS (biometrics) all applicants need to appear in person to have their fingerprints taken.

Visa application forms need to be filled out completely and handed in with all required documents (see separate information sheets). Incomplete visa applications will not be accepted. Please also check that all forms are signed.

Upon receipt of the visa: Please verify your visa immediately and check if all information is correct. The Embassy cannot claim responsibility for any damage caused by errors on the visa. If you notice an error please let the visa section know right away so it can be rectified; later corrections might not be possible.

Please note that a valid visa does not guarantee entry into the Schengen countries, as the final authorization remains with the immigration officials at the respective borders.

The purpose of the visit may not be altered after entering the Schengen territory.

Processing time for Schengen visa application at the German Embassy in Vientiane:

Schengen-visa (maximum duration of stay 90 days):

Generally up to 5 working days

In any case it is advisable to apply for a visa well ahead of time, especially since processing times can always vary due to technical Problems.

Processing time for German national visa (stay in Germany for more than 90 days):

As long-term visa can only be issued after approval by the competent Aliens’ Office in Germany and due to long mailing times applications take 2 months on average.

Visa Information Sheets and Application Forms

Checklist visitor visa

Checklist tourist visa

Checklist business visa_trade fair visit

Schengen Visa Application Form

Information provided to applicants pursuant to Section 54 (2) 8 (to be submitted together with visa application form)

General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation_CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT

Electronic Schengen Visa Application Form (VIDEX): http://videx.diplo.de

Information Sheets for Long-Term Visa Applications

Please note that the following information is currently only available in German. English versions will be provided shortly.

Merkblatt Visum Ehe- und Lebenspartnernachzug​​​​​​​

Merkblatt Visum zur Eheschließung oder Schließung einer eingetragenen Lebenspartnerschaft

Online application form for national long-term visa: http://videx-national.diplo.de

Application form national long-term visa

Information provided to applicants pursuant to Section 54 (2) 8 (to be submitted together with visa application form)

General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation_CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT

For information concerning all other types of long-term visa please contact the visa section of the German Embassy.

Complaints about the Schengen visa application process

Schengen visa applicants may submit complaints about the conduct of the consulate staff, the external service provider VFS Global or the visa application process via the contact form. In the contact form, please select the option “Beschwerde zum Schengen-Visum-Verfahren”. Please note that complaints may only be submitted in German or English. We are unable to follow up on complaints in languages other than German or English. Please enter one of the following three options in the “Subject” field of the contact form:

  • Complaint about the conduct of consulate staff
  • Complaint about the conduct of the external service provider VFS Global
  • Complaint about the visa application process

We will follow up on your complaint once it has been received.

Important information: No legal remedies against decisions to refuse, annul or revoke a visa – in particular no remonstrations – may be submitted via the complaints contact form.

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